Neil Jenkins at it again, new alias same MO


Most would be aware that Jenkins and his “assistant” Sean Frazer “resigned” from the NSC on the eve of a Supreme Court action to remove them.

They claimed they had NEVER done anything wrong or illegal but were unwilling to stand in court, be questioned, have their actions scrutinised or face potential consequences for what they did. Instead they chose to run whilst issuing legal threats of suing the legally appointed NSC directors for defamation as they departed.

Now Neil is at it again, new alias “Garry Nakim” and new website “”.

And of course the call for $ via donations and memberships is there again lol.

For legal reasons myself and the other NSC directors have been unable to reveal the whole story RE the NSC and what went down but that’s coming.

Rest assured we are determined to rebuild the NSC and are committed to that mission. Myself and the other directors spent over $12k of OUR OWN money in the legal fight to remove Jenkins and Frazer and to try and save the NSC.

The truth will be revealed and we intend to use every means at our disposal to hold those who attempted to destroy the NSC accountable.

In the meantime stay tuned and please spread the word amongst your shooting mates about “politicsreloaded” and “Gary Nakim”.


I am curious about something, the money that people either donated or paid in memberships to the NSC, what actually happened to it? Did Neil get it or is it in the NSC accounts/control?

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This all sounds a bit shit on both sides and it would be a lot better for everyone if you cleared it up ASAP.


The shit slinging continues.

Its a real shame itscome to this. A strong, active and unified NSC was just the thing this country needed.


that shit ended up in my junk email… left it there… I hope you mob sort all this out, us shooters NEED a united front…

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