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I am back from the bush for a day so thought that I would check in to see if there are any new updates on what is happening out there or any news on what’s happening behind the scene???


latest WA news just posted mate.


NSC aims for NT, ACT and Qld elections

THREE STATE AND TERRITORY ELECTIONS in the NT, ACT and Qld over the next few weeks is where the NSC will use the political process to tackle the difficult issues problems for shooters.

The NSC is the only organisation that is doing this on a national level. All we need to make it work, is you.

SHOOTERS IN THE NT will shortly be receiving our advice on how to vote and who to vote for, ahead of this month’s election. There are 9 elections that Australian shooters will be voting in over the next four and a bit years and we will be encouraging them to support those candidates who want to help us.

Every day the shooting sports continue to come under attack from politicians, police and others who know nothing about what we do – and they want to take away more. Gun shop closures, reclassification, inefficient registries are just the tip of the iceberg to make us disappear.
The politicians think that taking shooters on wins votes – and it is our job to remind them that it’s the wrong approach. We need to let them know in the most direct way that shooters have had enough and will use the political process to fight back.

Remember, a politician’s worst nightmare is being kicked out of office and losing his/her seat.

National Election Strategy

The NSC’s National Election Strategy will start by pushing issues of importance to us to the major parties. We will back it by providing voting and financial support to those candidates who help us.

It starts with the election in the NT later this month, followed by the ACT and Queensland in October.

Issues we will be pushing that matter to shooters at these elections are:

  • Reclassification: We want to remove the loophole that allows bureaucrats to take category A, B and H firearms off us;
  • Gun shop closures: We want iron-clad legal protections put in place to protect gun shops and the security industry from being attacked for political reasons;
  • Costs of transactions: We need to reduce the ridiculously high costs of permits to acquire in the NT and Queensland – which are up to double the national average;
  • Regulatory decisions: We want to make sure that the shooting community and not our police forces, become the main advisor to government on shooting and firearm matters; * Economic development: We’re calling for new pro-shooting initiatives to help drive economic development opportunities, especially in country and rural areas, following similar work to promote hunting in the UK as a model to follow;
  • Weapons: It might seem like a small matter, but it’s a matter of principle: we want firearms legislation in Qld retitled to reflect the focus on firearms, not weapons. We’re not Rambos!

The NSC has also been working hard to build strong links with politicians that support shooters. The results have been pleasing with strong support from those politicians such as Tim Quilty (MP-Vic), Bev McArthur (MP- Vic) and Kezia Purick (MLA- NT).

What your donation and support will do

Your donation makes it possible for us to fight our fight nationally across Australia.

Your support helps us get the message to vote properly out to more and more shooters and helps us to provide direct support to the campaigns of those candidates who deserve our support.

The long term picture

The NSC has already built a candidates’ ‘rating’ system. It may take some years to develop it nationally (as some elections remain years away), but we’re already finding candidates we want to support and others who we want removed - so now is a great time to start using it.

For those of you looking for the fight over the National Firearms Agreement, the election in WA in March 2021 – and the legal action we’re taking in that state - will be the first real tests of the National Firearms Agreement, which needs to be rewritten to make it more shooter-friendly.

We don’t pretend we can do everything overnight but when you consider what the NSC have managed to achieve in just over a year our record speaks loudly. To win this fight shooters need a national strategy and a team able and committed to do the work.

Shooters need a strong NSC.

Click here to donate to help make it happen.

National Secretary

Thank you 1Fatman for doing the update.

We at the NSC Exec Committee have been a little busy with the WA SAT hearing last Friday and the coming FAC hearing this coming Wednesday!



@NationalShootingCouncil On what basis do you make this claim?


The NSC has asked and is not aware of any other pro shooting group doing this.

If you have information to the contrary please feel free to share and enlighten us!

Thank you.

Who did you ask? “Not aware of anyone doing it” is very different to “No-one else is doing it”.

The NSC speaks to other pro shooting groups, such as Shooters Union, NT Firearms Council etc; sometimes daily!

As previously stated we are NOT aware of any other pro shooting group doing this.

If you are aware of something different please share. You imply this is the case?

We are always happy to work with other pro shooting groups to fight for a better deal for all Shooters.



How to vote - SSAA Vic Board elections

VICTORIAN MEMBERS OF THE SSAA will have received ballot papers for this year’s board elections and are also being asked to vote on a constitution change.

If you are entitled vote, the NSC has this important message for you.

The SSAA is one of the largest shooting organisations we have.

It provides genuine reason to hold a licence, competitions and other events for shooters to get involved with. It also provides advocacy on shooting matters, especially for those involved in hunting.

Unfortunately it’s direction on political matters has let it down. Many of you have been angry that the SSAA Vic will not stand up for shooters on the recent gun shop closures or on the reclassification of firearms. Yet these are critical to our future.

We need the SSAA to remain on track

The SSAA’s attack on the NSC have come from it’s administrative arm rather than its board, so it is important to make the board stronger in order for it to provide the organisation with the guidance it needs to become a stronger light in a stronger shooting community.

Dealing with our political fights does NOT mean sucking up to politicians: it means playing ‘hard ball’ on matters of importance to us. It’s time that we got more professional about how we deal with our future both individual and as a community.

That’s why we’re making recommendations for this year’s SSAA Vic board elections.

Voting recommendations

At this year’s ballot, SSAA Members are being asked to vote for up to four candidates out of six.
The NSC recommends that you vote for:

  • Andrew Hepner;
  • Denis Maroney (current SSAA Pres); and
  • Ross Farmer (current SSAA Secretary)

It is up to you if you want to include a fourth candidate.

Whatever you do, make sure you include Andrew Hepner! He’s not only one of the wisest candidates we’ve come across, but he is also a member of the NSC – putting his money where his mouth is!

On the constitution change, all we can say is that if you don’t fully understand what it means, don’t vote for it.

When done, send your ballot paper using a plain unstamped envelope to :
Returning Officer
SSAA (Vic.)
Reply Paid 336

Make sure you vote!

Only about 10% of members normally case their vote. However this election matters to the future of the SSAA and the future of what we do as a community - so get your vote in now, otherwise you might forget to do it! Ballots must be received by 7 September 2020.

Click here for the ballot paper if you have misplaced yours.

Candidate profiles will be added to this page shortly - but vote now, if you are happy to.

National Secretary

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Thanks but your putting me out of a job lol!

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Sorry but I know how busy you have been so thought I would give you a day off. :innocent: :blush:

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I’m not an SSAA member but if i was I’d be strongly supporting Andrew Hepner!
I don’t know Andrew personally, but we know a few of the same people (pics on here of me with a kiln gun that’s his),definitely not a fudd and a smart, sensible guy!

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What is GunKeeper?

GunKeeper is a program of donations and sponsorships that helps gun clubs and shooting businesses.

With the recent COVID-19 closures, gun clubs and shooting businesses are doing it really tough. Shooting brings significant social, environmental and economic benefits to the community which is why it’s important for us all to do our bit to help it through these difficult times.

Some clubs and businesses may not be able to re-open their doors, and those that do may be struggling to keep their heads above water for years to come. Worse still, if people leave the sport and we can’t attract new participants, which will not be good for the future of shooting.

That’s why the National Shooting Council has launched GunKeeper . It’s on initiative to do what we can to help our gun clubs and shooting businesses get through this.

GunKeeper is a program of donations and sponsorships that helps gun clubs and shooting businesses.

For gun clubs

We’re giving every eligible gun club a $100 donation every year, and a $100 sponsorship every year in the form of a gift voucher from a supporting eligible shooting business to award to deserving members annually.

For shooting businesses

Shooting businesses can offer one-year NSC memberships as ‘freebies’ for purchases over $200. Plus supplying vouchers for our eligible gun clubs! The discounted membership is also available for every principle and employee of the business.

Plus discounted membership

For both clubs and supporting shooting businesses, the NSC is also making discounted NSC membership available to every member and employee. For those entities, the price is $15 for working adults and $10 for pensioners – which is less than half the normal price .

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OzArms has become the first dealer to sign up as a NSC affiliated dealer under our GunKeeper program which ‘opened up for business’ yesterday.

Several more dealers and clubs will also come on board as the week progresses so we’re off to a great start.

Welcome aboard, OzArms. Make sure you support them, as they support the work we’re doing at the NSC!


GUNKEEPER CLUB: The NSC now has its first shooting club - the Hunters & Shooters Soc of Au on board under GunKeeper, and we’ve already made our first payment to them as our little bit to help them through these difficult times.

We will be bringing more clubs and businesses on in the next few days, so if you run a club or shooting related business that could do with a helping hand, then make sure you join GunKeeper!


@NationalShootingCouncil mate I can’t believe it, you guys just keep raising the bar.
Thank fuck for groups like NSC, Shooters Union etc. We can not thank you enough.

Also GunKeeper, bloody great name :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Bentaz ,

Thank you.

When we read comments like this the executive committee knows the hours of work we put in are worth it!




This is great. This is really great!

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Reading stuff like this makes my day! Keep up the good work guys. Gunkeeper, gotta love it.

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