How to vote:2020 Northern Territory Election.

HOW TO VOTE: 2020 Northern Territory Election

15 August 2020|Elections, Northern Territory

THE NATIONAL SHOOTING COUNCIL HELPS SHOOTERS unsure who to vote for at elections, with information on who it thinks are the better candidates when it comes to their positions on firearms.

The table below sets out the NSC’s advice for the NT election being held on 22 August 2020. Who you vote for is for you to decide, but we hope this information will help you with your final choices.

It is based on responses to our questionnaire to the main candidates, the prospects of being able to (or not being able to) influence the outcome, the ratings assigned by the NSC, information from the major parties and other information which we hope will result in a change in the way shooters are treated in the NT.

A big thank you goes to the NT Firearms Council for their advice and help in getting to this point.


We know how disappointed shooters can be at the candidates they get given. There were only three candidates the NSC identified as ‘pro-shooting’ while there were a few others that support what we do.

However, the NSC has used the opportunity of this election to raise issues of importance, which has resulted in ‘offline’ conversations with several candidates who were interested in finding out more about what shooters are looking for. We do not expect this to pay dividends straight away, but it is better to have educated some then educated none at all.


Pro-shooting polices were hard to find. The Country Liberal Party has released a policy on hunting which you can download by clicking here .


If you want to vote early, you can get information on when and where to do that by clicking here . You will also find more information on the full lists of candidates in your area. If you aren’t sure if you are enrolled, then go to this page on the Australian Electoral Commission’s website.


The NSC has prepared a list of recommendations for every electorate. It is in the form of a PDF which you can download by clicking here - and is reproduced as JPGs below.

In some cases we have listed multiple candidates. This is because none of the candidates stood out, whereas in other cases, we were able to narrow the field down to one candidate.

Ultimately who you vote for is YOUR CHOICE. Whether or not the CLP policy is enough to sway your vote is for you do decide. The only thing we ask is that you remember to put the Animal Justice Party and Greens who want to take your guns off you, last!

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