How long does a licence application A/B take these days in NSW

My Missus has been waiting for her licence application since March , wtf?! :flushed:

Sounds like they have "misplaced " it and you might have to chase them up.


Given the time frame, I’m tipping it’s been filed, um err in the bin with the hope you give up. Supprising as it may seem, some people would rather see us mob thowing registered rocks… Just saying, keep on them regarding the progress of the application and most importantly don’t give up.


It’s on the public web site as “being processed” I she religiously rings twice a week to ask what’s going on and they say just that “it’s being processed”
Different story if we don’t do something promptly ! :triumph:
Next time they ask for a safe check I might tell them I’m busy for 8 months call me then and I’ll see if I can make time then . Just imagine how that would go down??!