Help needed - target photos

Hi all

I need some assistance. If you have any photos of your targets that you shot with known dimensions and group sizes, could you please share them. Working on target editor component. Emphasis on known group sizing and distances between individual holes.


Dont know if this will help as it is not really a photo of a target but I can give you all the dimensions of the rings and it shows distances from the furthermost two shots and co ordinates of all others x,y from centre.

No, doesn’t help :confused:

Is this the sort of thing you are after? Grid is 1"…

Thank’s @Bent_arrow.

Do you know roughly position of the holes from each other? Group size, anything?

No sorry, but the grids are definitely 1" so you could easily scale from that. I should have a few similar photos around somewhere if they are any use to you?

If you want I can shoot some targets to your specs. Using the 22 but it would be later in the week or perhaps tomorrow night.

Eh all good. I’ll shoot them myself :slight_smile:

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Actually I forgot I have a quite a few used targets in my shed from last years Christmas shoot the groups vary as they were all shot at 100yrds but in three different positions. Only thing is the group size has not been measured they were just scored. They were shot on the 50yrd pistol target.

I’ve got a dozen or so used targets from running in my Savage. No great groups, none measured, but they are already shot if you want them. 5 and 10 shot groups.

If you got data and good digital copies, that be good, yean.

Are you still working on this mate?

Very much so, mate. What’s up?

Like this?

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I have a few targets with group measurements on them if you would like me to post. Will put an example up and if any good to I can send the rest.

Example of what I have mate if any good to you.

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Here’s one with gaps 6.5mm 400m

The previous was 308 100m