Friday link dump

Since I post this weekly on my blog anyway, I thought we’d kick this off here too :slight_smile: Friday link dump!

Today’s link:

Uunderstanding and manually calculating ballistic trajectory.


Moaar clickies!

Understanding Bullet Energy ~ It’s Not a Measure of Killing Power!
(also pretty good channel in general, methinks)

More Friday evening procrastination goodness… What are the Benefits of Nested Springs?


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If you like guns, especially vintage and weird guns (guilty as charge) and yes, I love modern firearms just as much, but I digress.

If you like vintage guns, this is a must-subscribe and watch YouTube channel! And pretty much anything by Mark Novak.

And of course, the obligatory shoutout to C&Rsenal – if you are a firearms person, be ready to waste days on this channel!