Firearms shops and lockdown rules

@NationalShootingCouncil have a Melbourne specific question…

While metro Melbourne is in lockdown, however firearm shops remain open, are we allowed to go to gun shops while in lockdown? Or rather, is this one of the allowed reasons? For example, I went to get a haircut today, which is not explicitly covered, are gunshops the same? I’d like a definitive answer please :slight_smile:

If you are going to work, you are deemed an essential worker.
The guy in the gun shop is going to work, therefore he’s essential.
You are allowed to shop for essentials, therefore you can go and buy guns and ammo, as long as you shoot them inside the Melb metro area or Mitchell shire!
I get that comps will be off, but where you have open access, you are allowed out for exercise and fresh air.
The premier said it’s important to look after your mental health in these trying times.
So in conclusion: buy your .22, go to the range, plink away and be happy :ok_hand:

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At the risk of bringing this to the wrong attention, and possibly getting gunshops closed, I would say nothing and leave it in the grey area, with so many other businesses/retailers. If the shops are open for business, they are open. Now is the time more than ever to support local business.

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The Victorian restriction re Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire area state you are allowed to Shop for food or other "essential " items.

If you are an essential worker and need supplies from a gun shop, i.e ammo for a security company/professional vermin controller etc: we think your ok.

Re guns hops in the restricted area for others they are as clear as the Yarra River lol!


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Just do it, what’s the worst that they can do…lock you up, well you are pretty much there already.
Plus it is essential to stock up because at the rate you lot are going you will be at the zombie stage soon.
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@juststarting if you really get stuck let me know and i’ll attach some gun supplies to a carrier pigeon and send him down. Just have your shotgun ready to shoot the little bugger when he gets there, i don’t want a zombie pigeon heading back up here to the happy place.

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I think the shops will still be open. The outdoor ranges are still open ranges might be closed, and I also called the DHHS hotline the other day to get guidance on whether I was allowed to hunt if I remained in the metro area.

They told me that recreational hunting should be fine, as fishing was, but to await further advice on it as it was something to be discussed broadly.

However they also told me that travelling to someone’s private property, and conducting property management and pest control/hunting counts as volunteer work, and is 100% allowed as long as within the metro area.

Interesting. Little River is closed. Leaving metropolitan Melbourne is out. I’m not sure about Springvale. Shops open, range open, that’s the answer than.

Thanks @JSS, appreciate it :slight_smile: I’m not stuck, I won’t be for a very long time, but I am interested nevertheless.

The area they’ve defined as metro Melbourne is pretty big. They’ve included the Yarra Ranges Shire, so there’s a couple state forests to work with. The guy I was on the phone with told me to call back in a week, and they should have more firm instructions on rec hunting.