Every Sunday - what I did in guns this week.

Sucks to be you mate! :rofl:

Well, since I can’t really do anything, I decided to finish this little guy.

He’s been sitting in the safe, covered in a thick layer of rust and gunk for ages. In parts, waiting for me to get some motivation.


Sweet little rifles those

A deposit has been put down on the future gun room, I mean shed, and it has been pegged out. Bought some Carcano reloading dies, brass and clips from @MaxJon.


Also started tumbling 500 303 cases, and done some more design work on my handi bullet mold handles.

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It’s not quite Sunday, but here’s what I did:

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This week i did a couple of shoots just to sort out my requirements for the year & gave a couple of pistols a proper cleaning.

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Got carpal tunnel from priming 350 cases. 7 reloads on the lap creed brass and primers still very tight.


Ok, so I know I said I’m done, but it appears as though I may have bought a rifle. So there’s that lmao


Good man. Can’t let rifles go homeless

Hi tek coated another 1000 .358 pistol bullets, prepped 500 303 cases, cleaned up a super simplex press, ready to mount to the bench, even for a fashion accessory, if nothing else…Love Simplex gear!!!

I finished loading some 20ga brass black powder shells.
Took lots of pics so I’ll post up a thread tonight hopefully.
Might sneak out with the 22 for a little bit now.

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Pulled my Remington 32-20 apart for a mini rejuvenation and a bloody good clean.

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Couple for the pot, I think I’ll kill a Couple of pigeons in the morning and make a rabbit & pigeon pie.


Reloaded some cases and packed gear for my impending trip. 14 days of chasing hogs, fishing, and beers. Doesn’t get any better.
:boar: :fishing_pole_and_fish: :beer:


Throw in chasing women and it’s all most the perfect trip lol.


With a wife, 2 teenage daughter’s, 2 mum’s and 90% of my co-workers female I go hunting to get away from women. :crazy_face:


That rabbit looks like a Rokewood Junction rabbit to me…lol

Could be mate!

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Had pretty packed weekend.
Shot 600m f open with the creed Saturday morning, then back to a mates place to finish the box of ammo at steel @600 again. checked the zero on the 243/ thermal and dropped my savage 22 in a new set of PJs.

Then went and culled for a farmer mate with the thermal that night.

Club agm this morning and then our normal shoot. Turns out I’m still shit at shotgun.

When we were packing up a feral cat decided to walk across the range. Unfortunately he got to the tree line before we were able to un unpack the guns. Left the thermal out while we had dinner, then a quick scan before leaving and the bugger was walking back across the range at the 200m. Poor life decision that.

Check out the length of tail, it’s the second one I’ve seen that short. Doesn’t appear to be from physical damage.