Does Hunting have a future in Victoria?

Does hunting have a future in Victoria?

10 September 2020|NSC work program, Politicians

FOR THE AVERAGE SHOOTER, the world of politics can be confusing because there are no simple solutions to our problems, yet opinions on how to fix them can be found everywhere.

However nothing beats experience in politics, especially from those who have spent time in the major parties. That’s because they are the ones who have been close to the internal workings of governments and oppositions. That’s where the real action is, why their opinions matter - and why the NSC was set up - to be run by people with that experience so that we can get the job done.

Peter Zabrdac is one of those people. Peter is from Labor and knows the Victorian political scene better than anyone else in the shooting sports. It’s a great thing that he’s on our side!

Here is Peter’s take on what is at stake for shooters in Victoria and elsewhere, including from the recent ‘deal’ with the Greens and Animal Justice Party to extend the state’s Coronavirus lockdown.

Does hunting have a future in Victoria? Why all Shooters need to support the NSC.

Most sporting Shooters hate politics and its easy to understand why. All Shooters want is to be left alone, treated fairly and to be allowed to do what they love.

Recently there has been a lot of speculation on whether a deal was done between the Victorian Andrew’s government , the Greens and some of the minor party MPs to give Andrew’s the numbers in the vote to give him the ability to continue lockdown. It’s suggested that the “payoff” from the government will be the end of duck hunting in Victoria.

For those who don’t know I hold the position of National Vice President of the National Shooting Council. I am not a hunter and never will be. But I support legal hunting as a shooting sport.

Prior to joining the NSC I was Chief of Staff for a Federal Labor MP as well as a party member, ALP Branch President and Branch secretary. I think I can say that I have a better understanding of Victorian Labor politics than most shooters and the public.

Politics is a “numbers game” and deals are a part of everyday political life. There are always winners and losers in every deal, but governments always do deals with one thing in mind, that is to stay in power no matter the cost.

The focus of some shooters and groups is on whether there will be a 2021 duck hunting season. The real focus should be on whether hunting has a future in Victoria at all.

There are two years left in the Andrew’s governments term, with the next State election due in 2022. The ALP will rely on preferences from the Greens and minors if it is to survive and remain in power.

Daniel Andrews and his “key” Ministers like Lisa Neville come from the Socialist Left faction of the ALP, who they call the old school “Commies” of yesteryear . Victoria Police’s Senior Command Officer level is dominated by those with close links to the ALP hierarchy and who share the same anti-gun, anti-shooting mentality. This is why shooters have been treated so badly in the State of Victoria by its government and Police via the regulator, VicPol’s Licensing and Regulation Division.

I’m confident a deal was done by the Government, Greens and the minors. I’m also confident that discussions about preferences and political survival by some of those minor party MP’s were on the table. After all the government needs the Greens and the minors, and the minor’s MPs need Labor preferences if they are to survive in 2022. It’s a two-way street.

Our largest Shooting organisation SSAA, has consistently shown it has little interest in supporting hunters and hunting across Australia.

Going back to how shooters and hunters will be affected, will there be a duck hunting season in 2021 and beyond? The odds are against it.

Will game hunting be outlawed in the State of Victoria in the future? A returned Labor government will have a 4 year term and so its highly likely in my opinion.

If hunting is banned by the government your “genuine reason” to hold a firearms licence and own guns will no longer exists - and every shooter knows what that means and what will happen!

If you think “I don’t live in Victoria, so it doesn’t affect me” you’re wrong. The ALP governments in all States are in the same position and tend to follow each other. Remember how it was only the Labor states that closed our guns shops down earlier this year? I sincerely hope time proves me wrong.

Joining and supporting the NSC means joining a shooting organisation that doesn’t take $ from government and is therefore independent and really does care about all shooters and the sport.

Peter Zabrdac

National Vice-President

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I think eventually hunting and guns in general will be outlawed, fair way off but little by little its gonna happen