COVID Lies:Yet another shooter cops licence suspension

COVID LIES: Yet another shooter cops licence suspension

22 September 2020|Coronavirus, Victoria Police

THE NSC told you the story of Riley, the tradie, who lost his licence solely because he copped a COVID fine, something Victoria Police told the Firearms Consultative Committee and other shooting organisations would not happen.

Then we told you the story of P, a farmer, who was incorrectly issued with a fine which was withdrawn before the registry gave him a reprimand. Again, this is what Victoria Police said would not happen.

Now we bring you the story of A, who did the right thing by not getting behind the wheel after a few beers – and who copped a firearms licence suspension.

We previously said that we have more cases which we will bring to you shortly. By now Victoria Police will realise this to be true, and must surely be concerned as we start to prepare for our upcoming court action.

The story of ‘A’

A is a shooter who recently had his licence suspended solely because he copped a COVID fine. Like Riley, A is fighting to get his licence back, and is a member who the NSC will stand by until his licence is restored .

“A” lives and works on a huge rural property and uses his guns for hunting and vermin control. In August, A and his friend, W, went hunting.

After a long day out, W invited A back to his property for dinner. W’s partner had cooked dinner and had one of her friends visiting. As good evenings go, A had some beers with W, which was quite legal under the stage 3 restrictions, where they were allowed to have up to five people at the house.

Some neighbours later decided to drop by unannounced and join in – which then breached the 5 person limit.

While A wanted to leave because of this, he knew he could not drive home without risking his drivers licence, so he stayed to let the alcohol level in his system drop. That’s when police arrived and A copped his COVID fine.

No firearm offences were alleged by VicPol or other matters raised but A has now received his Notice of Suspension . Like Riley, his only problem is that he was fined for breaching the restrictions. Here is an excerpt of that suspension letter.

A has made a submission to keep his licence - but the fact he has had to do this is contrary to what Victoria Police has been saying to Victoria’s Police minister, the Victorian Firearms Consultative Committee, and other organisations who ask them.

This is the third example we have provided you with, and there will be more.

Other shooting organisations have met with VicPol and accepted the lies fed to them by LRD which they repeated to their members. A number of people have questioned our version of events and strong stance, but you are now seeing the evidence of what the LRD is really doing come out, contrary to what others are being told. As we said, we have more examples coming your way soon.

The NSC won’t apologise for standing up for its members: supporting the NSC means supporting an organisation that looks after its members. Click here to be part of it!


Keep the pressure on them and don’t let them get away with anything. Good to see you blokes on the case again.


Good work guys as usual

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Yeah well done again NSC but i find it a little suspicious the Police just turned up there , were the people attached to an apt or something? anyway that’s not the point well done.

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The issue that’s not getting addressed here is “Why did the cops show up there?” and “Which of their neighbours dobbed them in?”