Covid Lies:What exactly did VicPol tell firearm group.s?

COVID LIES: What exactly did VicPol tell firearm groups?

13 September 2020|Coronavirus, Victoria Police

MANY OF YOU will be aware of the current fight with VicPol over it’s COVID gun-grab where it is taking licences off shooters who breach the COVID guidelines

The NSC has received multiple reports that a very senior LRD Officer has been telling various firearm groups that the claim that LRD is taking away Victorian shooters licences purely for receiving COVID 19 fines, is not true.

The Victorian Firearms Consultative Committee (FCC) was recently told about a shooter caught 150km away from home, with drugs in his possession and a firearm on his backseat. The FCC was told this is why that shooters licences were being taken away. The NSC has been separately told that the same LRD officer told a major Victorian collectors group a similar story.

There will be shooters who do stupid things and will suffer the consequences accordingly -and we can’t help people like that. However there is no doubt LRD has been taking away licences and seizing guns for a shooter simply receiving a COVID fine for an alleged breach of restrictions.

Reason for licence suspension

Below is a scan copy from the “Notice of Suspension and Proposal to Cancel” (a licence) that one young shooter we are representing received. You will see he has lost his licence and guns because he received a fine. There is no mention of drugs, loose firearms or anything else that would normally result in a licence being taken off you.

This shooter is not the only one in this position: the NSC has copies of other Notice of Suspension and Proposal to Cancel letters, with similar reasons on them.

Letter to Paul Edbrooke MP

It is deeply disturbing that an important organisation such as the FCC appears to have been misled by LRD, so the NSC has written to the Chair of the FCC, Paul Edbrooke MP, who is also the Parliamentary Secretary for Police and Emergency Services.

This reinforces the need for a review of the LRD, as recently raised by Tim Quilty MP in parliament earlier this month.

Click here to see our letter to Mr Edbrooke.

Letter to LRD from Firearm Traders Assn

The NSC is not the only shooting organisation that has deep concerns about LRD’s behaviour. The Victorian Firearm Traders Association, who are part of the Firearms Consultative Committee, have sought their own independent legal advice and sent a “please explain” letter to the Senior Command officers of LRD.

Click here to see the letter from the VFTA.

This follows the earlier fibs that VicPol told that led to the closure of gun shops in the state - on the back of the fake “National Cabinet” decision that we exposed in April. It seems to continue a campaign of political bastardy against shooters by Victoria Police.

Joining the NSC and supporting the fight for fair treatment for all shooters is now, more than ever, a must!

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Okay, so breaching covid directives renders a person ‘unfit and improper’. This could get very interesting.

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I.think there was mumblings of drink driving, and or speeding offences also making the LAFO improper/unfit.

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There are many jobs and qualifications, licenses etc…that require a ‘fit and proper person’.

That includes employee/corporate firearms licenses for one, i.e. police.

The email you get in Qld on either your licence application confirmation or approval confirmation (i can’t remember which) states that even traffic infringements can affect your firearms licence but I’ve never heard of this actually happening to anyone. I was told it’s at their discretion and if you have repeated or serious traffic offences they can use that to deem you not “fit and proper”.
The bit i don’t like which is open to abuse is the “at their discretion” part, which is what it sounds like is happening down in Vic.


Yep, just like appearance laws.

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