Covid lies: Another Shooter gets his licence back

COVID LIES: Another shooter gets his licence back

27 October 2020|Coronavirus, Victoria Police

ANOTHER VICTORIAN SHOOTER who had his licence suspended and firearms seized for simply receiving a COVID fine has had his licence reinstated by the Victorian Licensing & Regulation Division of VicPol.

The shooter, X, who is another member of the NSC, needed his licence and firearms for his employment.

The NSC was able to assist X in preparing his submission to the LRD and was prepared to support him further in legal action if required.

It is another example of a shooter who was targetted for no reason other than the fact he received a COVID fine, despite the fact the LRD both denied this was happening and even misled their own Police Minister, Lisa Neville that this was the case

Importantly it is another example of the LRD trying to get away with lies that it started and kept repeating, ‘because they thought they could and get away with it’ before getting caught by the NSC

It tried to this when it closed our gun shops from the ‘decision of National Cabinet’ that we exposed earlier this year.

The NSC continues to fight for shooters all day, every day.

Can you afford to NOT be a member?

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How can they revoke your firearms licence over a covid fine?!
I thought they could only take a license for violent and drug related crimes?
They will take it for minor traffic infringement soon!!!