7 point plan for the future

NSC’s 7-point plan for the future of the shooting sports

17 May 2020|NSC work program

OVER 12 MONTHS AGO, the Executive Committee of the NSC came together and after much discussion and some debate we decided to formulate a plan to fight for the future of the shooting sports and adopt a strategy to put the plan into action .

COVID-19 then came along and was taken advantage of by politicians in what was one of the biggest attacks on shooters since John Howard’s NFA and the “war on guns and gun owners“. This 7-point plan was our battle plan that formed the basis of our strategy to get our gun shops reopened, and are proud of the result we achieved for all shooters.

We thought we would share the plan and strategy to seek your thoughts and ideas. Please let us know what you think.

1: Shooters have been compliant and “played nice” for far too long

Being nice to government has gotten us nowhere. If anything, it has allowed our politicians, police and bureaucrats walk all over us.

This needs to stop NOW. The time to take a stand and draw a line is here.

2: We have let ourselves be divided and conquered

Individual interests, personalities and egos have been put before the common good.

The attacks on our dealers and our sport by government from COVID-19 is a classic example of the cost that comes with letting individual interests get in the way.

3: The only way forward is to identify and acknowledge our past mistakes

The worst thing we can do is fail to learn from the mistakes of history and make the same mistakes over and over.

If we continue to let this happen to our sport then there will be NO future and our enemies will win, simple.

4: Getting political is mandatory for our survival

The average Aussie doesn’t take politics or our political leaders seriously, and this includes shooters. However, shooters have become political targets, and politicians take us for granted because of this.

Politicians need to know shooters carry a big stick - and that we aren’t afraid to use it when it is needed!

5: The public doesn’t understand us – and politicians take advantage of that

Our politicians use the public’s ignorance of who we are and what we do against us. That makes us an easy target when politicians want to make headlines.

We must win public trust with a “hearts and minds” campaign that is ongoing.

If we do this, we take our politicians’ power to subjugate us away from them.

6: The media is not our enemy - and the shooting community needs to become a lot more media savvy

Most shooters despise the mainstream media and don’t trust them.

Given past history, this is understandable, but the media can be our friend and ally if we know how to use them.

It is hard and difficult work to do but trust can be built. The significant, recent media coverage that the NSC generated over the non-existent decision of National Cabinet lie that some governments used to close our gun shops, was the perfect example.

7: Our shooting organisations are largely re-active – and need to be proactive

Most shooting organisations specialise in organising shooting events. That is what they do, and often do well.

However, some have become obsessed with their self-interest and sometimes lack leadership without understanding the challenges our industry face.

Unless we change this mindset and put aside our petty differences our sport will have a difficult future. Attacks on our shooters and our sport will only intensify.

We may have won the battle to reopen our gun shops, but we are a long way off from winning the war.

Shooters just want to be treated fairly and with respect like the rest of the community - but to get there, we must be prepared to fight a war.


@1Fatman are you working for @NationalShootingCouncil now?

Hopefully we can see some positive outcomes. I’m a regular on a lot of different firearms media. The divisive behaviour is prevalent all over the place.
Young vs old, tactical vs traditional, hunters vs target shooters and rich vs poor.

Certainly frustrating at times and could all be fixed with a simple change of attitude.
We are all shooters. Ultimate tactical operators , beardy hunters, crusty black powder shooters and grumpy Milsurp collectors.
We all should acknowledge that we enjoy shooting in our own way, and support all other disciplines, whether we enjoy them ourselves or not.


I love number 5. In my opinion, that is a huge one that heaps of people miss.
As a shooter, it is really easy to forget that other people don’t understand guns, shooting, hunting etc. Even more so if you have grown up with guns.

Your average Australian has no idea what the calibre of ammunition means, they don’t understand the difference between a .22 and .50BMG. They don’t know what it takes to get a licence or any of the regulations around firearms. 99% of everything they know about guns is from Hollywood or the media. I’ve had friends and colleagues laugh when I explain what appearance laws are. They think I’m making it up.

I think that anything that can be done to normalise firearms and shooting sports is a great thing. If everyone interacted with firearms in their youth, lets say as a part of a school/youth program, it would cut out a lot of the misinformation thrown around by various groups and organisations.


No but if they have some spare cash lying around they can donate it to my gun fund :crazy_face:

I received it in an email and noticed that @NationalShootingCouncil had not uploaded it to the forum.

You back yet or still playing in the padocks?

Still going up and down paddocks, should be home for the weekend.

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